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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide Powerfully Simple, Browser Friendly, User Oriented Web Services, as follows:

Powerfully Simple

At KESSCo Services, we design web pages to use the power of simplicity, without a lot of add-ins or plug-ins. This means you can present your pages to the widest client base feasible, while still providing exellent design.

Browser Friendly

We do not cater to an individual browser technology. Instead, we believe in the philosophy presented by AnyBrowser.org. By adhering to this, your client base is not limited to browsers with certain plug-ins or enhancements

User Oriented

KESSCo Services strives to provide services that will enhance your business, but burden your work load. We can provide interim services that allow you to "ramp-up" your site to it's fullest potential.

Web Services

As we grow at KESSCo Services, we will be adding more services. Be sure to check back often, as we may very well add that perfect "something" that you have been searching for.